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Belltone BSH-02 Lesnička Bb

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Behringer Ultragraph PRO FBQ-1502

2x15 pásmový stereo grafický equalizér, analyzátor spätnej väzby, 1/4" TRS a XLR

cena: 88,99 EUR / ks.

cena po zľave: 88,99 EUR / ks.

cena s DPH: 88,99 EUR / ks.

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EAN kód: 0

katalógové číslo:

výrobca: Behringer

váha: 0.000

Professional 15-band stereo Graphic Equalizer for both live and studio applications, Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly reveals critical frequencies and can also be used as Audio Analyzer, Dedicated mono subwoofer output with adjustable crossover frequency, Additional low cut filter removes unwanted frequencies, e.g. floor rumble Highly accurate 4-digit LED output metering and input gain control for easy level setting, Ultra low-noise audio operational amplifiers offer outstanding sound performance, Servo-balanced inputs and outputs with 1/4" TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors, High-quality illuminated faders, detent ALPS® potentiometers and illuminated switches for long-term reliability, Shielded toroidal power transformer for ultra low-noise performance, Extremely rugged all-metal chassis ensures long life even under the most demanding conditions, Designed in Germany.