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Framus Nickel Electric Bass Strings 4

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BeatBuddy Singular Sound

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Dowina Violin SV44

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Qwik Tune QT-12E

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Fox 8896

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Ultrabass BX-4500H


Basgitarový zosilňovač,, 450 W, 2 kanály, Ultrabas efekt (octaver), 5-pásmový equalizér, laditeľný a prepínateľný Shape, dynamizér, 2-cestný footschvitch v cene

cena: 239,00 EUR / ks.

cena po zľave: 239,00 EUR / ks.

cena s DPH: 239,00 EUR / ks.

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EAN kód: 0

katalógové číslo:

výrobca: Behringer

váha: 0.000


Extremely powerful 450-Watt RMS bass amp head, Patented Dynamizer technology for ultimate punch, Switchable Ultrabass sub-harmonics processor for unbelievable low-end power, Revolutionary Shape filter for extreme sound range, Extremely musical 5-band EQ with "Bright" and "Deep" functions for ultimate tone-shaping, Integrated limiter and active, temperature-controlled cooling system for ultimate protection, Vintage-style VU meter for precise signal level control, Dual footswitch for Ultrabass and Shape functions included, Balanced XLR DI output, easily accessible on the front panel, Effects loop with tuner function and line output for additional flexibility, 3 speaker outputs on 1/4 in. jack and SpeakOn® connectors, Ultra-rugged power supply with toroidal transformer for highest power reserves, Extremely rugged construction ensures long life, even under the most demanding conditions, Dimensions (H x W x D) 144.6 mm x 486 mm x 305 mm Weight : 14 kg