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Nord Piano 2


Stage piano, 88 kláves s kladivkovou mechanikou
Split / Layer
512MB pre zvuky piana
128 MB pre syntetizátorové zvuky
Sample Library Memory (18-tich hlasá polyfónia)
5x effects sections
2x 6.35mm audio outputs (L & R)
1x 3.5mm stereo monitor input
1x 6.35mm stereo headphone output
1x 6.35mm piano pedal input
1x 6.35mm aux switch pedal input
MIDI in / out
USB (type B connector), IEC320 C7 power connector.

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katalógové číslo:

výrobca: Nord

váha: 0.000

Nord Piano 2

All sounds can be replaced
Nord Piano Library compatible
Nord Sample Library compatible NEW
Layer and split-functionality NEW
Dynamic Pedal Noise
Comprehensive Effect section
Delay Effect NEW
Stereo Tube Overdrive NEW
Advanced String Resonance (Gen 2)
Long Release NEW

Nord Piano vs Nord Piano 2
Comparison Chart (PDF)

Piano section

The Nord Piano 2 comes loaded with a selection of amazing sounds from the Nord Piano Library - our specialized library for Grand, Upright and Electrical Pianos, Clavinet and Harpsichords.

All the sounds have been recorded using our state-of-the-art sampling techniques to capture the extraordinary nuances and unique characters of the source instruments and covers everything from brilliant, factory new Grand Pianos to detuned upright bar pianos with tons of charm.

The entire Nord Piano Library is included on DVDs and new additions can be downloaded free on the Nord Piano Library page. Replacing the sounds in your Nord Piano 2 is simply a matter of dragging and dropping files in the Nord Sound Manager for Mac and Windows.


The included Nord Triple Pedal has Soft and Sustenuto Pedals in addition to a unique Dynamic Sustain Pedal enabling the use of half-pedaling and "release and catch" techniques.

Long Release adds a slightly longer release to the tone, which can be suitable when playing legato.

Advanced String Resonance reproduces the intricate interplay of piano strings resonating at their fundamental or harmonic frequencies when other notes are played on our Upright and Grand piano sounds.

Pedal Noise recreates the mechanical sounds of lifting and releasing the damper mechanism, producing the characteristic thomp and sizzle sounds. The Pedal Noise feature responds dynamically to the force/momentum used when pressing or releasing the pedal.

Sample Synth section

The Sample Synth section in the Nord Piano 2 supports the extensive Nord Sample Library - containing over 1000 quality sounds from leading sample producers as well as the exclusively licensed sounds of the Mellotron and Chamberlin.

The Nord Sample library is updated on a regular basis and new additions can be downloaded for free! See the Nord Sample Library section to learn more and to listen to the sounds available!

The Sample Synth section has dedicated knobs for adjusting the attack and release and volume of the selected sound. Volume can also be controlled with an optional Volume Pedal and the Sustenuto pedal on the Nord Triple Pedal can be used as a separate Sustain/Gate Pedal for the Sample Synth section for advanced layering possibilites.

With the included software Nord Sample Editor you can even create your own sample instruments. Load your .WAV-files, assign them to keys on the keyboard and transfer them to the Nord Piano 2 to play them instantly. The Nord Sample Editor can also assist you in looping and mapping your sounds.

Effect Section

The Nord Piano 2 has an extensive Effect section with great, tweakable effects. Each effect section can be assigned to either the Piano or the Sample Synth section and lets you instantly add some dirt, glimmer or atmosphere to your sound.

Effect 1 - Pan, Tremolo, Auto-wah (stereo)
Effect 2 - Phaser, Flanger and Chorus (stereo)
Delay - Stereo delay effect with Tap Tempo button
Three band EQ, with sweepable mid
Compressor/Amp - Twin, JC, Small (mono), Tube distortion (stereo) and compressor (stereo)
Reverb with six algorithms - Room 1 & 2, Stage 1 & 2, Hall 1 & 2


The Nord Piano 2 has dedicated knobs and buttons for all vital functions a player needs in a performance situation. Transposing, setting up a split point or creating a layered sound is accomplished in seconds. There are 240 locations, organized in 2 banks with 24 pages with 5 programs each. The Nord Piano 2 also has 5 Live locations that automatically save the current settings - ideal as a sketching pad at rehearsals when trying out new sound combinations in the search of the perfect sound.

The Fatar TP-40 keybed in each Nord Piano 2 is calibrated at the Clavia factory to ensure an even and homogenous response. Furthermore, 4 selectable Dynamic Response Curves let you adjust the response of the keybed to your playing style, and these can be stored indiviually with each program.

Příslušenství v balení:
- Nord piano pedal
- uživatelský manuál
- napájecí zdroj
- Nord DVD-ROM.